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Chinese Tomato Eggs

Saucy and warm just like your Chinese grandmother used to make.

Saucy and warm just like your Chinese grandmother used to make.

The secret to making this taste “Chinese,” I think, is sesame oil.  If you don’t have that, you could easily use red peppers, salsa, hot sauce, etc. to make it taste like the country of your choice!  I like to make a large batch of the sauce, then just add fresh scrambled eggs when I want to eat it.  (I don’t think storing scrambled eggs in sauce would have many positive results.)  This particular amount of sauce fed me 3-4 times.  Here is the link to the original recipe: “Rasa Malaysia Tomato Eggs.”  This website rocks, so you should check it out!

TASTE: Asian, oily, a little spicy, filling comfort food

LAZINESS LEVEL (1-3): 2 (moderately lazy)

EFFORT REQUIRED: scrambling eggs, repeatedly tasting a sauce


A can of diced tomatoes (of course!)

A can of tomato sauce

Approx. 1/2 tsp salt (to taste)

Lots of black pepper

A few dashes of red crushed pepper

1 tsp sugar

Approx. 2-3 TBSP cooking oil

Approx. 2 TBSP sesame oil (to taste)  **sesame oil is quite strong, so add a little at a time!

Lots of garlic (fresh or minced would be best!)

Chopped scallions to top (or add chopped onions to the sauce and cook)

3 large eggs (per serving)



Using some of the cooking oil, scramble eggs and set aside.  Try to keep the eggs in large, steak-like chunks for the maximum level of yum!  Now, wipe out the same fry pan with a paper towel.  We don’t judge around here.  Put all the other ingredients in the fry pan and cook until it’s warm and you’re happy with the flavor.  To serve, put the eggs in a bowl, then ladle the sauce over the top.  Top with scallions.  Eat.  Imagine your sweet, old Chinese grandmother offering you seconds.



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